Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our litigation lawyers ably and expertly handle the settlement of dispute whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings. Our advice is oriented to the successful disposition of disputes, including, and many times preferably, the bridging of conflict and avoidance of suits.

We provide our clients advocacies and litigation strategies grounded on thorough preparation, sensitivity to the client’s business goals and awareness of the practical concerns that affect most litigation. Many of our trial lawyers have strong backgrounds in business law, making our firm a top choice for complex commercial litigation.

The Firm’s litigation arm is engaged in all fields of the practice of law, and we have handled a broad range of cases, for a variety of clients, We have acted for individuals, private corporation and governments.

Our exposure to complex commercial litigation includes intracorporate disputes, derivative suits, proxy fights and corporate takeovers, suspension of payments, insolvency and rehabilitation proceedings, appointments of receivers or creation of management committees, actions for specific performance or rescission of contracts, with claims for consequential and other damages, arbitration of construction and commercial disputes before the Construction Industry Arbitration Commission and other domestic and international arbitration tribunals, actions to enforce foreign judgments in the Philippines, disputes involving power and infrastructure projects on build-operate-and-transfer and other schemes, actions involving claims for death or injury of passengers and loss or damage to cargo and property, collisions and other maritime accidents, actions involving claims on life and non-life insurance, banking/banking fraud, collection suits, actions involving forged or falsified instruments and violations of loan, trust or escrow agreements, matters pertaining to public utilities such as telecommunications, land, air. and water transportation, applications for certificates of public convenience, actions for breach of contracts of carriage, and injunction cases involving discontinuance of services for violations of service contracts or non-payment of utility bills, actions for damages arising from quasi-delicts and torts, claims for damages involving product liability, real estate conveyances, mortgages and leases, foreclosure of mortgages, unlawful detainer cases, and disputes involving land ownership, transfer, possession or use, prosecution of criminal charges as private prosecutor or counsel for the defense and estate proceedings and probate of wills.