Vision and Mission

This Firm is founded by a common faith in God and His goodness, and the faith of its members in one another to pursue a practice of law that is Christ-centered and perpetually inspired by what is true, just and fair.

Believing that it is enabled by the wisdom, experience and integrity of its members and staff, the Firm endeavors to render services with utmost dedication, honesty and competence, thus affirming, for God and country, its modest contribution to regaining the nobility of the law profession and the respect it deserves.

Esguerra & Blanco is a full-service firm that combines professional legal expertise with unwavering client commitment. The firm advises both local and international clients on all areas of the Philippine law.

“Rendering service with utmost dedication, honesty and competence.”

Corporate and Tax, Litigation and Arbitration, Labor and Employment Relations and Intellectual Property.